The DataForLeads’ Social extension fits all your needs while prospecting B2B leads on social networks.

An Extension to dominate business social networks

It boils down to setting the filters you need at this moment, waiting multiple seconds while the tool does its magic, and then downloading a spreadsheet filled with business contacts you were looking for!

Social network auto connect and Visits

Make your search process more efficient with our Chrome extension. There's no need to spend too much time prospecting manually.

  • Automate adding new contacts
  • Send automatic messages
  • Grow your network rapidly
Dominate Social Networks with Dataforleads
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Accelerate your business development

Set up your account on autopilot and start engaging new clients in minutes

  • Visit profiles
  • Add new contacts
  • Automate sending messages
Automate my social business network now

Automated Lead prospecting

Reduce manual work spent on lead prospecting by 70%