The best suite of lead generation tools 


The DataForLeads comprehensive lead automation bundle will help you increase B2B sales while saving dozens of hours of work, automating a lot of processes, and keeping track of everything you and your promising leads do. 

Never miss a potential lead, easily find their contact and company information, automatically send them personalized message, and simply watch your revenue goes up using the DataForLeads software bundle.

Go-to sales toolkit to perform your business growth on scale

The sales intelligence toolkit gives you everything your sales team asked for and probably a few more assets. The carefully selected tools focused on automating lead management will all together increase your B2B sales while giving your team time to really focus on what they love and do the best – selling.

With the Prospection Companion, Streamline prospecting & reduce manual work by 70%

linkedin email extract tool

Give your sales team an easy-to-use prospecting toolkit and eliminate human mistakes, while “catching” every possible lead there is. Wether they are on LinkedIn or somewhere hidden on the company’s website, our neat software will find them and get you the information you need.

Deliver new leads to your team on a daily basis

Discover new registered domains every day, details of their owners, and most important – their contact information. Find new B2B promising leads everyday for unstoppable sales. 

Extract sales data from online resources

When you want to find out more about a certain company, all you need is their domain. The sales Data extractor tool will show all the data you can use to further explore the leads and their behavior. 

Enrich your CRM with up-to-date marketing data

Get to know your leads in detail with our Data enrichment tool, which gives you a start point of your search, next directions, and all the answers and saves tons of working hours every week. You can adjust the parameters the way you need them and as a result get neat spreadsheets with all the information you want

Email enrichment tool

Use this B2B email address finder to find any corporate email address you want! Get a hand in generating and enriching prospect lists with insightful B2B marketing data that makes sales work easier.

Drastically reduce email bounces by verifying email IDs

Before sending an email campaign, use the Email verification tool to check which emails are truly business emails and which are only temporarily made and avoid messy inbox filled with bouncing emails. 

Set up a drip campaign to maximize RoI of your email list

Never miss to send a promising lead an email, with DataForLeads Email campaign builder tool. This software keeps all of your email drafts, sends a personalized message to every lead, and has powerful analytics that further explore leads’ behavior.

Increase B2B sales with Social Proof widget for your website

Once your potential customer see that other people used your services and bought your products, they are more likely to do the same. Use the Social proof widget to show all the customers that you are trusthworthy, safe, and quality company.

Integrate sales chatbot

Converse automatically with the people already showing interest in your product using the sales chatbot builder. Use the chatbot as an additional member of your sales team, as it will gather data on people it chats with, which you can later use to turn them into regular clients.

Integrate Google/Facebook/TripAdvisor reviews on your website 

Use the strong testimonials at your Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor pages and integrate them into your website to help your visitor decide faster. Use the Increase reviews tool to show your future customers that people love your products for various reasons and they are more likely to make a purchase themselves.