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Build customised chatbot scenarios

Start getting new leads from your website visitors that show signs of interest in your offering. Create as many scenario as you want or use pre-made chatbot scenario.

Get slack, email or SMS notifications

Once you integrate the chatbot into your website and the visitors start using it, you will find a list at the DataForLeads dashboard including different types of information such as location, email, phone, data collected, and replies.

  • Build your own chatbot
  • Get Slack, email or SMS notifications
  • Offer new services to your clients
Build your chatbot

Connect with your audience

Use our chatbot editor to build new interactive services with your website visitors such as

  • Send a quick message to the visitor
  • Get feedback
  • Rate a service
  • Book a meeting
  • Collect emails in exchange of a link or download
  • Take a delivery order
  • and much more new services you can build!
Learn where to strike to make a sale
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Configure your chatbot to do more

Use our chatbot builder and offer 24/24 service to your visitors and clients.

In a few simple clicks, you will get the code for integrating the chatbot to your website. At any time, you can check if it is active, as well as the details, emails, and leads it gathered.

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